KCTGT - Farmer Soil Samples Lab

01. The Problem

KCTGT Lab wanted our expertise in helping them analyze soil samples from hundreds of collected ones.
We were assigned the task of organizing the cluttered information in a presentable and user friendly manner with clear remarks after careful observation and revert back to the lab and the respective farmer as frequently as required.

They also wanted a platform to collect farmer data and their collection patterns and predict ahead in time what to expect from their future visit. In addition to this, the platform also helped the lab keep track of their expenditure and revenues and create reports accordingly.

02. The Eureka Moment

The system we developed for them, is a beautiful, extremely user friendly and helped all of their employees to use the software without former training.

03. Security & Structure

All passwords are encrypted using SHA256 encryption with addition to SALT. The code is well documented and the structure is built in such a way that modules can be added in the future.